Metal Recycling

Our Metal Recycling Division provides electrical and control system engineering for metal shredding and separation operations. We are an industry leader with over 500 1500hp to 10,000hp installations around the world. Our Metal Recycling division specializes in power management, data acquisition, co-pilot systems, and water injection systems. We provide complete ferrous and non-ferrous control systems, shredder system upgrades, control houses, control chairs and our exclusive line of Intelli-Shred™ product.

Metal Recycling Brochure

Control Systems

Pinnacle control panels are built to the highest quality standards in the industry, with components from the world’s leading manufacturers, including Allen-Bradley, Square-D, Siemens and Cutler Hammer. We have an onsite panel fabrication facility, where we can build industrial control panels using our full panel design and engineering service to meet all project requirements.

Our full-service panel shop boasts:
  • UL508A certified panel shop
  • Panel Design & Layout
  • PLC/ Motor Control Panels
  • Fully Tested Prior to Shipping

Control Rooms

Pinnacle Engineering offers custom built applications for operator control rooms, power distribution, motor control, and hydraulic rooms. We offer many different interior options, as well, to fit your project perfectly.

  • HVAC
  • Custom lighting
  • Emergency lighting
  • Smoke detectors
  • Steel doors with crash bars & windows
  • Standard dual walk doors for safety
  • 120/240 VAC distribution panels
  • Suspended/Open ceilings
  • Drywall with FRP
  • Insulated walls

Water Injection

Pinnacle's Intelligent Water System is designed to reduce visible emissions from your scrap metal shredder. It easily pipes to your existing spray bars to provide rotor spray, feed roll spray and rotor flood water. The water system is designed to be compact, rugged and provides seamless integration into Pinnacle Engineering's control systems.

Key Benefits:
  • Intelligent water control
  • Automatic and manual modes of operation
  • Dedicated centrifuge pumps for feed roll spray, rotor and flood water
  • Flow Meters for incoming feed roll spray and rotor water
  • 300-gallon water tank with automatic level controls
  • Winter Mode provides for automatic drain-back to skid or air purge


Pinnacle Engineering’s Intelli-Shred Co-Pilot™ is a proven shredder feed roll control software system designed to automatically adjust the speed and position (raise and lower) of the feed rolls based upon the loaded condition of the shredder. All of this is done with little to no interaction from the operator, providing many benefits to the operator and your operation.

Key Benefits
  • Increase shredder efficiency, lower cost per ton.
  • Produce better shred by keeping the shredder box full.
  • Increase shredder throughput.
  • Lower operator fatigue and reduce risk of complications due to work stress on the wrist.
  • Reduce the risk of overfeeding the shredder, reducing the chance of plugging or damaging the mill.
  • Co-Pilot allows the operator to focus more on other tasks.
  • Reduce the learning curve when training new operators.
  • When coupled with Pinnacle’s Power Management System, Co-Pilot™ can reduce electric bills by utilizing demand limiting technology.
  • Pinnacle Engineering’s Co-Pilot™ can be added to any shredder system.

Intelli-Shred Wireless

The Intelli-Shred Wireless technology system was developed by Pinnacle's R&D department to provide substantial installation cost savings along with greater flexibility for process changes or expansions. Pinnacle Engineering's Wire-Less ™ is a proven wireless platform that was developed to be the most rugged, flexible and cost-effective automation system available.

Data Acquisition

Stored in a standard SQL database structure, site information can be retrieved and reviewed at a future time or used in available trend and query functions as needed. A daily report is generated and printed detailing information pertinent to the shredder operation. Custom reports can be created based on client needs.

These reports are also stored on the server with web access available through the Active Factory web interface.

Downtime Data Tracking:
  • Track downtime Incidents
  • Point-Source Data Logging
  • Easy to use graphic Interface
  • Downtime reporting
  • System reporting
  • Sequel server database
  • Customizable excel reports
  • Installed on windows server

Power Management

Electricity is typically a major operating expense for metal processing facilities. Pinnacle Engineering's power management system is designed specifically for controlling the energy costs of operating a shredder system. Power monitoring, power reporting and semand limiting technologies allow maximizing shredder throughput while conserving energy peaks and demand charges.